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Zombie police Private

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"What about a mere forbearance and an explosion?" Chen Zhifan shook his head and shook the Yin and Yang orb in his hand and said proudly, "I still have a treasure here. I believe that with it, even at noon when the sun is blazing, 108 can give full play to their due strength." Waving his hand, he threw the orb over the stiff head. While pinching the formula with both hands, he briefly introduced: "This orb is an innate Yin and Yang orb, which is transformed from the five elements of the day after tomorrow.". As for function, Yin turns to Yang, Yang turns to Yin, all between moving thoughts, and the most important point at present is.. As soon as he pointed to the orb, he trembled with a light sound of "ding", and the air of extreme Yang came to the horizon and sank into it. See the halo between the flow, the orb inside the anode to Yin, silk extremely Yin gas floating out, just like a root of silk, floating into the group below the stiff head. Extremely Yin Qi is comparable to a panacea for zombies. Dozens of black heads, which were on the verge of breaking through, suddenly raised their heads to the sky with a low roar after absorbing a trace of extreme Yin Qi, and their momentum rose rapidly. Daxiang Wufu, who also got a few traces of extremely Yin Qi, was very happy after absorbing it: "Master, with this Yin and Yang orb, I believe that the strength of the Young Dragon Society will advance by leaps and bounds in a short time.". When the time comes, let alone the Koga Department, even if it is the Black Dragon Society, the subordinates dare to touch it. "There will be a chance." Chen Zhifan received the orb of Yin and Yang and nodded faintly with anticipation in his heart. After a while, his whole body was full of evil spirits, and his face was gloomy: "From today on, you are the members of my zombie clan.". Here,cantilever racking system, I want to tell you that you must not think that you can do whatever you want because you are stronger than the secular people. If I find out that you have done something contrary to secular ethics, please believe that you absolutely do not want to bear the consequences. "Don't worry, Master. I won't let them mess up," said Takeshi with a straight face. Chen Zhifan nodded, looked at the sky and said: "The sun is about to come, you let these guys quickly find some shade to hide.". Forget it. I'll work a little harder to get them back to normal. His mind rose greatly, and a little bit of divine light surged in the divine sea, and with a stroke of his finger, the silk light needle flashed out of thin air. In the twinkling of an eye, one by one shot into the position of the group of stiff eyebrows, and then called out the ghost attack full, after receiving all the stiff, he was the first to gallop out of the mountain. Looking at the 108 black heads that disappeared in an instant, Takeshi's eyes shone with fanatical reverence and whispered to himself: "I didn't expect the master's means to be more and more mysterious!" Chen Zhifan returned to the villa before the sun completely overwhelmed the world. On the way, despite a night of hard work, heavy duty cantilever racks ,industrial racking systems, Takeshi rushed back to the headquarters of the Young Dragon Club. " "Brother Dafan, do you think Sister Qingzi's dress looks good?" "It must look good!"! Look at that small waist, hey,mobile racking systems, it has the effect of corset. "Humph!"! Do you guys just stare at women's breasts? "Brother Dafan, what do you think of my evening dress tonight?" "Yes, purple looks noble and atmospheric." "But I don't think purple matches my temperament very well!" 。 jracking.com