Zero Hour – A Royal Massacre – Nepal

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Posted by Anup Baral April 22, 2014 :
The massacre story featured in the third season of the documentary series Zero Hour, based on a reconstruction of the event taken from surviving eyewitnesses. The video on you tube already got 118 dislikes and 42,386 views. Please watch the full video and comment : Why TV channel like History Channel made documentary without knowing the exact truth ... What happened that night on June 1st 2001?

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Last Week News: Born on 14th January, 1962 in Siraha District, IGP Aryal completed his Bachelor's Degree in Humanities and Social Sciences from Tribhuvan University. After completing his academic degree, he commenced his career in Nepal Police as an Inspector in 15th February, 1987. He was later promoted to Deputy Superintendent of Police (DySP) in 1993, Superintendent of Police (SP) in 2001 and Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) in 2006. IGP Aryal stresses on team work and partnership to be the driving force for achieving these goals through mutual trust and respect with all members of the organization. He believes that collective initiation and constructive support of all stakeholders of the society as the foundation to propel Nepal Police as a more accountable and serviceable institution of the state.
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