Wife catches husband with his girlfriend at Goa Airport

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New Delhi: A high-voltage family drama unfolded at Goa airport when a cheating husband was caught red-handed by his wife. The video which has gone viral on Internet was captured by a co-passenger on Friday.In this clipping, the woman, who followed her husband till Goa, could be seen getting furious on finding her better-half with some other girl.


The husband is believed to have lied to his wife that he is going to Goa on a business meeting. The suspicious wife took another flight and was waiting at the airport even before her husband and his girlfriend could reach there.

Inspite of finding the duo together, the lady could be seen in the video asking her husband to come back home. But, on his refusal and abusive language she loses her cool and slaps the other girl. To which, the man reacts with equal velocity and a scuffle takes place between the husband-wife. Unfortunately the man slaps his wife so hard and even kicks her that she fells down and breaks down heavily.

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