Watch 18-month-old baby rescued from icy river car crashed

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Posted by Anup Baral March 14, 2014 :

According to CNN, a new body cam video release from one of the Spanish officer shows a frantic voices of rescuers to save where a 18-month-old girl hung upside down after her mother's car. "There's a baby. There's a baby." The baby girl name Lily was in back seat of car in a frigid Utah river for 14 hours. A firefighter rescue a 18-month-old baby from icy river. The video shows how a firefighter lift tiny body from the red car where Lily's mother 25 years old Lynn Jennifer Groesbeck was dead inside in Spanish Fork River. The baby father Deven Trafny was out of town on a job at the time of the accident. The amazing rescuer video is viral all over the world. Watch Cnn news video on "18-month-old baby rescued from icy river car crashed"


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