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Posted by Anup Baral May 13, 2015 :
Second earthquake of magnitude 7.3 which hit Nepal yesterday collapses buildings in Kathmandu.Rescue workers were seen dragging bodies from the rubble and TV footage showed chaotic scenes at the site, as people desperately tried to dig through piles of bricks and dust with their bare hands. The death toll from Tuesday’s powerful earthquake that hit the country at 12: 50 pm local time has reached 71. The deaths were reported from 11 districts. According to Dolakha District Police, the death toll has climbed to 34 in the district.
An earthquake measuring 7.3 on the Richter scale struck the country with its epicenter in Dolakha district. This is another strong quake to rock the nation 18 days after a deadly quake struck nation on April 25.Tuesday's quake was deeper, however, coming from a depth of 11.5 miles versus the April 25th quake that hit 9.3 miles. More shallow earthquakes tend to cause more damage at the surface. Several buildings collapsed in the isolated town of Chautara, with at least four people killed, according to Paul Dillon, a spokesman with the International Organization for Migration.


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