Trishna Shakya become a new kumari of Kathmandu

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Posted by Dhruba Shrestha September 30, 2017 :
Three-year-old Trishna Shakya of Dallu has taken charge as the new Living Goddess Kumari after her predecessor Matina Shakya retired. As part of an ancient tradition, Kumari is worshipped as "living goddesses" both by Hindus and Buddhists. Outgoing Kumari Matina Shakya, now 12-year-old, returned home on Thursday after assuming the role of Living Goddess for nine years. Matina was picked for the role at the age of four in 2008. Matina Shakya was bidden farewell and newly anointed Trishna Shakya was carried inside the Kumari house, a temple palace, amid a religious ceremony in Kathmandu at around 12 pm today. She will live until just before puberty. The ceremony is observed on the eighth-day of Dashain festival when Goddess Taleju is worshipped.
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