The women who continue to give breast milk to their toddlers

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However, some women are happy to continue, and we spoke to two mothers who have been breastfeeding their children since birth and will carry on for as long as their youngsters are happy to do so.


Caz Koopman tandem feeds her two daughters Líobhán (3 ½) and Éirú (1 ½) – she says there are a huge amount of benefits to breastfeeding older children.

“In the early days, when sleeping is thrown all out of routine, breastfeeding is easy because nobody has to get up and sterilise anything or prepare any food, it’s quick and easy and right there,” she says.

“But as they grow older it’s also great for helping them stay connected, particularly if they are frightened, or tired, or feeling slightly unwell. We’re blessed in that the girls have never really been sick, apart from Líobhán getting the vomiting bug one Christmas when she was two.

“The doctors told us that if she hadn’t been getting so much nourishment from breast milk, she would have been hospitalised to ensure hydration.”

The Dublin woman says breastfeeding is 10pc nutrition, with the remaining 90pc all about health development and protection from illness.

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