Talk with Singer Rekah Saha in Jogindar ko Pan Pasal

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Posted by Anup Baral | July 30, 2014 :
Joginder bole pranam ji is an Interview show which comes every Friday at 09:05 pm only on Himalayan Tv. On this talk show you can watch interviews videos with celebrities, politician, sports Person, Singer, Artists. On todays show you can watch interview with Mr. Kasiraj Dahal, Director General of transportation Association of Nepal.                 

On todays show you can watch interview with singer Rekha Saha. With the success of the highly popular folk song ‘Simsime Panima’singer Rekah Saha has been prompted with the decision to make herself firmly established in music industry in Nepal. Moreover,the unprecedented popularity of the remixed version of the same song, released last year has further encouraged this folk singer to hit the industry with full force. Having already lent her melodious voice to over a dozen and a half folk songs, Rekha plans to hit the market soon with her debut album, rightly titled ‘The Line’. In fact, she informed us that her dream would be reali zed within a month if everything went according to her plans. Rekha is pretty confident of generating the same amount of interests as she managed to get from her folk songs.


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