Surke thaili khai dance by “BHIMPHEDI GUYS

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Films, in Nepal, are taking a bound towards post-modernized art. Despite few (or perhaps, many) unsuccessful films, some have started to leave a mark-the welcoming of New Generation, the New Nepali Cinemascope. Though not commercially conquering, many a film made within the contending industry have poised themselves as a strong competitor in captivating the heart of the mass and the class alike. Small budgets cinema that carries all- entertainment, a therapy to emotional scratch, note to the audiences, portrays hard work of the team. Saghuro, Kathaa, Manjari, Antaral, Hostel to name few; have left a lasting impression on the viewers. Few upcoming movies like Mokshya, Jholey, Ritu, Raghav, Fitkiri, Mukhauta, look equally captivating. But, the challenge now is on commercialization. Who will instigate? Film industry is not just a story of hue and cry of the directors, producers and actors in particular but the national spectator as a whole. The industry, in many parts of the globe, contributes to economy. To a large extent even. Many countries have developed some of their cities as Film Cities endorsing tourism as well.

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