STV Chat with Manmohan Shamsher Rana

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Posted by Dhruba Shrestha October 25, 2017 :
Field-Marshal Mohan Shumsher Jung Bahadur Rana, GCB, GCIE, GBE was the prime minister and foreign minister of Nepal from 30 April 1948 until 12 November 1951. He was the last prime minister from the Rana family, which had controlled Nepal for more than a century and reduced the monarchy to a figurehead. He was the son of the 5th Rana Prime Minister of Nepal Chandra Shumsher and Bada Maharani Chandra Loka Bhakta Lakshmi Devi. He became prime minister at a time when the king, Tribhuvan was attempting to assert himself. Tribhuvan wanted to establish a stronger monarchy and some democracy, which Mohan Shamsher opposed.
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