Strange but true: Babies born with extremly big eyes and hands

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Posted by Anup Baral April 18, 2015 :

Strange baby is born in Accham. The baby have also have big eyes then it should be in normal. However,health of the baby is normal. Not all babies are born cute, let’s take a look at this strange baby ever born! A baby is considered a blessing upon every family, but what if the woman gives birth to a not -so-normal child instead of the little bundle of joy she was expecting? Sometime along the normal gestation period, mutations happen in the womb, and when the time of birth comes, some sort of mutant-baby is born causing sadness and reasons of worry for everyone involved.Due to the severe condition, most babies do not make it after birth, or die soon after, but Nicholas Coke, a baby suffering from this rare condition did survive till his first, and second birthday.
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