Singer Radhika Hamal in the show of JOGINDER BOLE PRANAM JI

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Posted by Dhruba Shrestha September 14, 2018 :
In this episode of the Joginder Bole Pranam Ji we can see the talk with singer Radhika Hamal. Radhika Hamal is Singer. Popularity is the popular name of the Nepali people in the area of ​​Dohori. Radhika, born in 2040 years, was interested in music music from Sanya. Local tournaments and fair festivals and festivals. His family was in politics. Radhika’s interest was also in politics. But she did not say that in politics. Time made her a singer. That too singer. When 13 years of age, Hamal, who started singing songs from 54 years, has been singing songs regularly.
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