Shanta Chaudhary Shares About Her Experience Interestingly

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Posted by Anup Baral April 30, 2016 :
Shanta Chaudhary shares her bitter experience during her journey towards politics. Being uneducated women and being in politics, everyone used to point towards her saying an uneducated politician. After hearing such things, she got motivated to study. She joined school to study and join into politics. After that when she joined school at late age, again people used to point her by saying she is studying at old age.Although slavery was outlawed nearly a century ago and the Kamaiya culture was made a criminal offence in 2009, the practice is so ingrained in the Tarai that it is still accepted. In most cases the parents of the girls themselves sell or rent their daughters to landlords in auctions to reduce the burden of having to take care of them. Shanta Chaudhary was one of them. At the age of eight, she was leased for Rs 7,000 a year by her parents who had nine other children and sent off to work in a family in Dang. She was homesick, had to work 19 hours a day, and live in the cowshed. When she made mistakes Shanta was rudely reprimanded by the landlord’s wife and sometimes beaten. :

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