Senior citizen unhappy with their allowance

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Senior citizens staged a sit-in protest in the Capital on Friday, protesting the government decision to raise only Rs 500 in their monthly allowance.

The Senior Citizens Struggle Committee (SCSC) for the last three years had been pressing the government to raise their monthly allowance to at least Rs 5,000.

In his budget speech early this week, Finance Minister Ram Sharan Mahat had said that the senior citizens would receive Rs 500 more in their existing monthly allowance as medical fee.

After hearing the budget speech, the SCSC concluded that the government ignored their demand.

“The amount is but a peanut compared to the funds that lawmakers draw for rent and snacks alone,” said Maha Prasad Parajuli, president of SCSC.

The SCSC has been organising a sit-in-protest every morning in Minbhawan with their demands of increment in security allowance, free medical treatment and 50 percent discount in transportation fare.

The Friday’s protest witnessed the largest gathering of senior citizens till date.

The demonstrators also called on the government to reduce the age limit for senior citizens to enjoy the state-offered security allowance from 70 years to 60 years.

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