Save Ganga Maya’s Life

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Posted by Anup Baral | July 13, 2018 :
Ganga Maya Adhikari of Fujel, Gorkha, launched a fast-unto-death on May 29, demanding the arrest of those guilty of her son Krishna Prasad’s murder during the Maoist insurgency on June 6, 2004.According to Suman Adhikari, adviser at Conflict Victim Common Forum, more than 60 persons, including human rights activists, conflict victims, civil society members and students participated in the sit-in.Journalist Kanak Mani Dixit said despite adequate evidence, the government had not arrested the culprit. “Ganga Maya has been staging hunger strike for the fourth time seeking justice for her son’s murder. If the government continues to ignore her demand, she will die without getting justice like of her husband,” said Dixit.According to The Himalayan Times, in the same way, Indra Aryal, president of Human Rights Organisation of Nepal said that the government should provide justice to Ganga Maya.
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