Sang Sangai | NewMovie BANDHA MAYALE Song | Ft. Kishor Khadka & Shristhi Shrestha

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Posted by Dhruba Shrestha September 14, 2018 :
Listen to the new movie song released in the market and the name of the new song is Sang Sangai by Singer: Sugam Pokharel & Anju Panta. The Music Composer of the song is done by Arjun Pokharel and the Lyrics of the song is given by Arjun Pokharel. Music Arranger: Maharaj Thapa, Cast: Aaryan Adhikari, Shristhi Shrestha, Rajaram Poudel, Rabindra Pratap Sen, Bishal Chamling Intoducing: Kishor Khadka.
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