Rajesh Hamal’s 1st Interview After Wedlock

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Posted by Rajesh KC June 6th, 2014 :
M&S CHANNEL EP . 21- | Rajesh Hamal's 1st Interview After Wedlock | Get a look at our latest M&S cover-girl Kripa Thapa's first ever professional photo shoot for this week's top story: Teenage Love Mistakes. On Movers & Shakers Personality of the Week, we have the charismatic sarangi maestro of Kutumba, Kiran Nepali, talking about his 10 years with the band, his aspirations and his passion.

Later, take a trip to the International Club, Sanepa, and then to Trisara to watch what Kutumba do best - play live music. M&S Issue #32; 30 May, 2014 Gfx/Producer Sonam Tshiring Lama(Hyolmo) Camera man Niroj Shrestha Edit Vijay Bhandari Presenter Oshin Sitaula Reporter Binit Raj Bana


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