Prithivi Narayan Shah History | Present Nepal

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Posted by Dhruba Shrestha January 11, 2019 :
King Prithivi Narayan Shah was the last ruler of the Gorkha Kingdom in the Indian subcontinent, present-day Nepal, and first monarch of Kingdom of Nepal (also called Kingdom of Gorkha) on the Indian subcontinent. He claimed to be a Gorkhali monarch of Rajput origin from medieval India. Prithvi Narayan Shah is credited for starting the campaign for the unification of Nepal. The Gorkha dynasty was established by Dravya Shah where the king Rama Shah gained great popularity. After them, Dambar Shah, Krishna Shah, Rudra Shah and Prithvipati Shah ruled over the state of Gorkha in succession. King Prithvipati Shah had gained a good reputation as an able King as he maintained good relations with the neighboring state kings, especially with the King of Lalitpur. He had also maintained a friendly relationship with Nripendra Malla, the King of the state named "Kantipur". Prithvipati had many sons among which the eldest son Birbhadra Shah had already established himself as the heir-apparent and the prince. But later on, the relationship started to worsen between Prithvipati Shah and Birbhadra Shah. The latter died on his way back to the capital of Gorkha after staying a while in the state "Bhaktapur". Prithvipati Shah's grandson and the father of Prithvi Narayan Shah, Nara Bhupal Shah was born of Mallikavati.
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