Political Talk with Dev Gurung

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Posted by Rajesh KC May 5th 2014 :
Watch Nepalese politician Dev Gurung Interview. Gurung became minister of justic on August 22 2008. He belong to the Maoist Party. Communist party of Nepal. Todays News : A confrontation has developed between Pushpa Kamal Dahal(prachanda) and senior leader of the party Dr Baburam Bhattarai over the idea of reviewing the political line of the party. However, Chairman Dahal rejected Bhattarai´s idea for reviewing the party´s political line. Senior leader Bhattrai requested for change in the leadership of the party, its working approach, organization and its political line. Dahal said that that the political line of the party could not be changed as "The political line is the soul of the party and the organization is its body. The party cannot be built in the absence of one,"


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