No life for a child: Child Labour in Nepal

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Posted by Anup Baral April 1st, 2015 :
According to the report 1.7 million working children do not have any access to education. And these out of school children are involved in different forms of child labour for survival and family subsistence.

The Nepal Child Labour Report is the first statistical report of its kind in Nepal utilizing large ‐ scale survey data. The report is based on the data collected through the Nepal Labour Force Survey 2008, the questionnaire for which was designed to incorporate a wide range of information about various aspects of child work and child labour in the country. The report provides essential statistics for monitoring the child labour situation in Nepal. Child labour is a widespread phenomenon in Nepal, and one that has not declined despite the existence of laws that prohibit burdensome forms of child labour and the constant efforts of many governmental, non ‐ governmental and international organizations to protect children’s rights. One major concern has been the hazardous environment in which children work, but another more important concern is their commercial sexual abuse, certainly one of the most brutal forms of violence against children. Though prostitution is illegal in Nepal it is prevalent in urban areas, and many young girls are trafficked to brothels within the country and in India.
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