Nepal’s Madhesi community threatens agitation for separate statehood

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Birgunj, Oct 28 (ANI): The Madhesi community in Nepal, protesting against the newly adopted Constitution, on Wednesday threatened agitation for a separate statehood.

The Madhesi community in Nepal’s lowlands, many of whom trace their origins to India, have imposed an economic blockade to oppose the new constitution. They are against splitting Nepal into seven provinces. The Madhesis have been blocking traffic movement from India to Nepal at the Birgunj-Raxaul border for over two months. Many shopkeepers in Birgunj have kept their shops shut in support of the protest. The new Constitution allows the setting up of a central system that would break up a belt of the southern plains, known as the Terai, and merge it into larger provinces with other ethnic groups. The protesters threatened to intensify protests if the government did not give in to their demands. Ethnic communities are opposing to the redrawing of borders. At least 40 people have been killed in the violent protests in the past two months. The shutdown has badly affected the business of traders and shopkeepers.

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