Nepali Prank – “Don’t Mess With Nerd’s Egg”

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When you laugh more you will be healthier than others. As we know all Niraj Nepal who is the famous and comedian of Nepal. Till now, he sung many songs in Nepali Music. Comedies are so popular and famous. Many audiences listen and watch his videos. From his comedy Nepali audiences get entertainment. He played in many television serial and movies. He is popular and famous in Nepali comedy serial as. Comedy film which he sings provides the full entertainment to the audiences. Audiences are also impressed from his comedy film. The comedy is full package of entertainment and joy.

The director of this Nepali funny comedy video was Deviram Parajuli and Niraj Nepal. This video is related to entertainment and joy. As we all know, laughing is the best medicine. Laughing is good for your health. Smiling is such powerful thing which can reduce stress, pain and conflict. When we start to laugh it not only shared our feelings but it also connects people together and makes people happiness. Laughing reduce your pain, strengthen our immune system relaxes your body. Laughing with others is more powerful than laughing alone. You can laugh by viewing this video. When you laugh one time at a day by producing big sound it makes your mind fresh and you will be healthier.

In this video you can look that one girl standing in the side of road and waiting the bus. While she waits the bus, near of her another man come and he also do like that he also waiting the bus. After sometime girls says to boy till now you never see the girls. Than boy replies I saw but I does not saw like you. You are very beauty and he asks what your name is? Then girl replies why did you need my name? When the boy says I have car and I want take you in the five star hotels for food she says her and she gives her visiting card

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