Nepal Idol Ep. 25 – 8 Nov Ft. Deepak Bajracharya

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Posted on Nov 8, 2018 :
The grand finale of Nepal Idol 2017 is being held this coming Friday at the Asian Town Amphitheatre in Sanaiya. The finale will be jointly organised by Onix One International and Everest Nepal Youth Association. Nepal Idol 2017 is a Nepali singing reality show aired by AP1 TV. The finale will see performances by top 12 contestants, an Indian reality show winner Teria Magar, singer Hemanta Rana, stand-up comedian Narad Khatiwada and pop singer Nalina Chitrakar apart from the top 3 finalists. First started in England; In 2001 British producer Simon Fuller started the television reality show, which is very popular in various countries. The show is televised in various countries by adjoining the country name to Idol, but in England, the singing competition is popular with the name 'Pop Idol'. The show became worldwide famous when the American Fox channel in 2002 started broadcasting the show as 'American idol'.
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