Neha Kakkar In Nepal

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Posted by Anup Baral | June 10, 2019 :
India's Bollywood singer Neha Kakar has come to Kathmandu. She has been giving her presentation in two places of Kathmandu. In the project of Paramount Entertainment, Neha has given her presentation in two places of Kathmandu.Neha gives a live show on Las Escobar in Garyadhara of Kathmandu on September 16, showing her presentation in Lord of the Dinesel (LOD) on Tumblr. Her eyes are killed, black glasses, London chumkakada, Dilbir ...Indian singer Neha Kakar has got a controversy in the concert. Concert is in dispute after the organizer has ticketed a ticket. The Kathmandu Metropolitan Police Station Kathmandu has arrested 3 members of the event organizer, saying selling more than tickets and suffering and negligence of the viewer. The premises of premises SSP, Prabhu Raj Subedi, have 3 people in the event of negligence by selling tickets more than capacity
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