Namaste Jharna—Bhedetar, Dhankuta, Nepal

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Posted by Anup Baral April 17, 2015 :Namaste Falls(Jharna) is one of the popular tourist destination located in Bhedetar, Dhankuta of Nepal. Dhankuta is a hilly town, surrounded by Terhathum and Paanchthar Districts in the East, Bhojpur and Udayapur Districts in the West, Sankhuwasava District in the North and Morang and Sunsari Districts in the south.

It is situated at the eastern part of Nepal, which is the administrative headquarters of eastern development regions. Most of the regional offices are stated around Dhankuta bazar areas and also have been NGOs offices. Dhankuta District lies between 26o53’ to 27o19’ North latitudes and 87o08’ to 87o33’ East longitudes. It has an area of 887 sq km and situated at height of 629 to 2438 metres. It has the total population of 1,68,832, female 80,860 and male 87,972. Total houses no. are 29,222. Population growth rate is 1.08 and gender ratio is 1.0879. Total handicap population is 1614 ( male - 895 and female - 719).The population density of this district is 165.5 per sq km. Indigenous ethnic group population is 1,11,636, Dalit (backwards) population is 12,049, Brahamin chhetri population is 4,4341 and other caste population is 806. The climate of Dhankuta district is moderate. Maximum temperature of Dhankuta district raises up to 28.2 degree Celsius and minimum temperature falls down to 2.8 degree Celsius. The rainfall of this district is 101.2 milimeter. Main rivers and rivulets are Arun River, Tamor River, chheguwa Khola, Leguwa Khola, Mangmaya Khola , Leuti Khola, Raguwa Khola, Chharuwa Khola, Jaruwa Khola, Chisyang Khola, Namfuwa Khola, Nawa Khola, Laxmi Khola, Fawa Khola, Okhre Khola.
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