Mundre & khadkaji Stand up comedy

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Posted by Anup Baral April 15, 2014 :
Stand up comedy by Mundre from Jire Khursani and Khadkaji From Meribassai. Jitu Nepal started his career from the tele-serial Jire Khursani. Jitu Nepal is also known as Mundre. This serial is very popular among Nepalese. Dhurmus is a Nepali comedy actor, script writer, and director. He is one of the main actor in Meri Bassai.

Tomorrow : Meri Bassai is one of the popular TV comedy program in Nepal, which is aired by Nepal National Television. This is “ “ Episode. Meri Bassai is a Nepali sitcom television series that began in 2006. Sitaram Kattel and Kedar Ghimire are the scriptwriter, co-director and the major actors.


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