M&S CHANNEL Ep. 27 – || World Cup Comes To End ||

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Posted by Rajan July 18, 2014 :
M&S CHANNEL Ep. 27 - || World Cup Comes To End ||

his week, we've got you covered for the incoming summer fashion trends ..... Our very own stylist Dorian D gives you a heads up for the trends to look out this summer from the summer Fashion Weeks around the world, and we've got the sizzling Miss Teen Nilu Khadka behind the scenes for the story. For the M&S Personality of the Week, we have the young entrepreneur Abhisekh Maskey, the project manager of Kolor Kathmandu and now the Marketing Director of Edushala. Later, we head to Marvel presents eKantipur Football Fiesta for the World Cup grand finale with Germany and Argentina. Also, a look into Summer Exotic at Red Mandolian, Jhamsikhel. M&S Issue #39; 18 July, 2014 Gfx/Producer Sonam Tshiring Lama(Hyolmo) Camera man Niroj Shrestha Edit Vijay Bhandari Presenter Oshin Sitaula Reporter Binit Raj Bana


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