Movie : Badhshala

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Posted by Anup Baral January 06, 2015 :

The Story shows the reality that hasn't been revealed and still politically suppressed. The dark space and time where humanity has been nakedly denied and perused, crime relentlessly needs to be enlightened to the people and reviewed. The issue of disappearance and the death inside custody is creatively provoked in this story through the character.

 “It is a tale of the relationship between continuously blind-folded hand-cuffed detainee, and the army personnel in detention on center during emergency period. The characters who are in different situations and power, create an interesting yet complex relationship when they interact, which ultimately shift the power status between them.

 Inspired from the books “ANDHYARA 256 DINHARU” by JITMAN BASNET, “MAANAV BADHSALA” by KRISHNA K.C. and MEMORIES WRITTEN by AN UNKNOWN ARMY All Rights Reserved © Hi-Tech Entertainment Pvt Ltd 2015


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