Ministers Have To First Checkup In Nepal Before Going Abroad

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Posted by Anup Baral April 1st, 2015 :
Ministers will not be allowed to go abroad to checkup without first having medical checkup at Nepal's hospital at first. And if Nepal's hospital can't provide proper medical treatment than only Ministers will be permitted to go abroad for medical checkup.

The parliament speaker, Subash Nembang, adjourned a rancorous session late Thursday as Maoist-led opposition members blocked the ruling coalition’s effort to vote on the issues of contention. The speaker said he would allow the ruling parties to present their proposals in the coming days. The postponement of CA meeting has already reached 30 days, but the efforts did not yield any result, he said while addressing the Third National Congress of the Lions Club International here today. The Chairman Nembang further said CA meeting would not be postponed again until it prepared a draft of the new constitution. People waited silently for a long time for the constitution but they would not wait more for the same, he added. Parties have intensified dialogues for constitution drafting process and it should not be discontinued, Chair Nembang added. “The political leaders are capable to resolve the disputed issues, but why they are not willing for it”, he wondered. He urged all to create positive pressure to the leaders for timely constitution otherwise country witnesses crisis.
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