Live Show Ashok Darji, Tanka Budhathoki & Ar Budhathoki

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Posted by Anup Baral | April 17, 2019 :
About Today's Episode : On today's episode of Call Kantipur, our presenters are having conversation with the callers and asking them about the current ban on trending online multiplayer battle game, PUBG by the government of Nepal. About Call Kantipur : Launched 15 years ago, on Kantipur TV HD, Call Kantipur is the one of the most popular callin TV shows in Nepal. Call Kantipur airs in Kantipur TV HD everyday at 5:00pm. Hosted by Shrijal Rupakheti, Neelam Chand, Suzita Shrestha, Call Kantipur discusses about youth oriented issues in a vivacious pattern. The surprise guests and the unexpected activities are the USP of Call Kantipur.
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