Kul Chandra Gautam in TOUGH talk with Dil Bhusan Pathak

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The program, “Tough Talk” is a weekly talk show in Kantipur Television. Most of the interviewees are invited in the program to talk about the various matters related to the political as well as the holistic talks with the interviewee. Dil Bhusan Pathak is a Nepali journalist and filmmaker.

Former Deputy Executive Director of UNICEF and Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations Kul Chandra Gautam has penned a book exploring plethora of challenges – primarily economic and political – that Nepal faces and offered suggestions how to rebuild the nation in the wake of decade-long Maoist conflict and protracted political transition, now followed by the devastating April 25 earthquake.The publisher Publication Nepa~laya said the book entitled “Lost in Transition: Rebuilding Nepal from the Maoist mayhem and mega earthquake” would be formally launched in Kathmandu on Saturday.In his commentary, Gautam, with his experience as a development professional and a patriot, calls for an end to Nepal’s seemingly endless political transition and shifting the nation’s focus to economic development and social progress without further delay.


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