KP Oli’s Speech And Reply To Those Media Who Criticized Him – Video

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Posted by Anup Baral July 17, 2017:
In conversation with Prime Minister of Nepal, Mr. Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli..About:The eldest child of father Mohan Prasad and mother Madhumaya Oli, KP Oli lost his mother at the age of four to smallpox which was spread like an epidemic then. After the death of his mother, Oli’s grandmother Rammaya had brought him up. Prime Minister Oli’s childhood name was Dhruba. While enrolling in school, his parents changed his name to Khadga Prasad. He studied up to the fifth grade at local Pranami Middle School. According to his childhood friends, KP Oli was a smart kid from the beginning and had a sharp mind. He liked playing chess and encouraged others to take up the game as it helped in brain development, they recall. Besides, Oli also enjoyed playing football and used to make balls out of rags. He was good at scoring goals after successful dribbles, his childhood friend and distant nephew Padam Prasad Oli said. Those days, he liked writing nationalistic poems and reading those to friends, Padam Prasad continued. With help from communist leader Ramnath Dahal, Oli migrated to Jhapa in 1963 at the age of 12. Dahal was later killed in Sukhani Murders. Having been influenced by Marxist and Leninist philosophies, Oli entered communist politics in 1966.
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