KP Oli Speech About Relationship Of Nepal With India And China

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Posted by Dhruba Shrestha July 11, 2018 :
Prime Minister KP Oli’s speech is always funny and hilarious which makes people interesting to listen throughout his speech. Today at an event held in Kathmandu, KP Oli gave an interesting and funny speech. He has satire to various recent scenario of Nepal in funny and interesting way. KP Oli usually satires the recent scenario and current situation of Nepal in very hilarious way. He also shared that he has not became Prime Minister by birth but Nepali people and citizens have made him Prime Minister. He also satire those critics who criticize the new constitution of Nepal. KP Oli also satire to different political parties as well as recent blockade of Nepal in funny and hilarious way.Watch one of the most hilarious and funny speech of Khadga Prasad Oli covered by Canada Nepal:
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