Kp Oli claimed (Maoist) would resume Assembly meetings if provided with money

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Posted by Anup Baral January 31, 2015 :

kp oli is involved in the political activities in 1966 influencing from Marxism-Leninism in 1966. Member of Communist Party of Nepal in Feb-1970 and became the member of area committee in 1970. Started and Involved in underground politics against autocratic party-less Panchayat System in 1970. Arrested for the first time in 1970. District committee member of party in 1971 and Chief of the Jhapa Movement Organizing Committee in 1972. Arrested and imprisoned and put in the various jails and toxic cells for 14 consecutive years from 1973 to 1987. Released from jail in 1987. Central Committee Member of the party in 1987. In-charge for Lumbini Zone till April 1990. Standing committee member and chief of foreign department of CPN (UML) since 1992. Founder president of the National Democratic Youth Federation of Nepal(DNYF), a sister organization of the party in 1990. Member of the parliament in the House of Representatives (HOR) from Jhapa district constituency no. 6 since 1991 and from Jhapa constituency no. 2 in 1999 as well. Chief of the department of publicity and propaganda in 1993. Chief of the Investigation Commission constituted by CPN (UML) to investigate into the Dasdhunga Jeep Accident (May 16, 1993) for the inquiry on death of CPN (UML) the then General Secretary Madan Kumar Bhandari and party's Organization Department Chief Jeeb Raj Ashrit in May 1993. Presidium member of Afro-Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organization Nepal in 1994 and president of AAPSO since 2000. Cabinet Minister: Ministry of Home, from 1994-1995 and others various duties and responsibilities in different times.
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