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One sector that flourished in Nepal even when the country was going through the political turmoil in the last decade was without doubt the Music. No matter what, we sang and listened to one new song after another that young and creative musicians offered us.

Like  Nepali film industry that is struggling to get quality audience, the reach of songs in Nepali society is vast: people from the street to the palace enjoy Nepali songs with equal enthusiasm. [Contrary to this, majority of Nepali film audience comes from lower middle class.] Rap, rock, pop, folk, hip hop, remix you name it and you can find songs in Nepali market composed by the young and innovative Nepali musicians. The folk songs have invaded urban area, previously dominated by the Hindi songs, and the new genres of music have kept Nepali youths hooked up. It wouldn’t be hype to say that music has transformed the urban youth culture. Very few iPods sell in Kathmandu markets but make no mistake people are listening to all kinds of songs. English songs are also popular among youths in urban Nepali society and yes Hindi songs (especially from Bollywood films) are there but they are facing tough competition from the quality songs and music videos offered by the Nepali music industry.

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