Kesha Kumari Damini winner- Business for Peace Award in TOUGH talk

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Posted by Rajan June 30, 2014 :
Ms. Damini promotes entrepreneurship among economically deprived groups, and encourages them to be self-employed and empowered. The organizations provide skills training and support entrepreneurs, particularly women, in starting their own businesses.

The cooperatives she has organized have played an important role in helping the Dalits develop a culture of saving, thus decreasing their dependence on village lords for loans.To have achieved what Kesha Kumari Damini has done in Nepal, as a member of the Dalit caste, is impressive beyond belief. Dalits are considered the lowest caste in Nepal, and are systematically discriminated against. As she began her work to organize micro entrepreneurs throughout the nation, Ms. Damini had to overcome threats and intimidation of a kind nobody should have to face.Ms. Damini is indomitable, she can’t be stopped. Over 60 thousand micro entrepreneurs in Nepal are now enjoying the benefits of her dedication, which began with a small group comprising herself and a few other women, in the Parbat district, 300 kilometers from Kathmandu.


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