Journalist beaten up in Mahatt’s press meet

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Posted by Anup Baral May 31, 2015 :Locals of Nuwakot have seized about 300 bundles of corrugated roofing Zinc sheets meant for constructing blocks of schools based in Nuwakot and handed over to the police on Saturday.The sized zinc sheet was handed over to the local police. Ramesh Mahat, District Secretary of Nepali Congress, clarified that there was no any ill-tension of selling the corrugated sheets.Deputy Prime Minister Prakash Man Singh has said the government is providing Rs 15,000 immediately to the earthquake survivors for setting up temporary shelter.The government’s decision to provide Rs 15,000 in cash, instead of corrugated zinc sheets to the affected households, also seems irresponsible, considering the inaccessibility of these materials and the remoteness of the affected areas .The government machinery should have procured the zinc sheets, transported them, and handed them over to the affected people. The monsoon is fast approaching. If the government does not own up to this responsibility, there will be more human casualties.
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