Jeevan Saathi with Kiran KC and Sita KC

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Posted by Anup Baral March 05, 2014 :

Jire khursani(Red Hot chilly) is comedy program. In This Week Episode, Jire Khursani is back with comedian Jitu Nepal and Shivahari Paudel. After a long wait you will be able to watch a fresh new episode. You will watch Jire khursani team with full energy. Thuli has suddenly passed SLC and is sharing sweets with Other people. This Jire Khursani also has the world Cup Fever. Everyone is watching world cup and sleeping all day. This is One of the best Jire Khursani Episodes. Enjoy Watching.. It is produced and directed Jeetu Nepal and Shivahari Paudel who are the main actors in the show as well.It is also one of the famous Tv program. The main characters of this tv serial are munder, shivahari, rata makai etc. The video is full of comedy and different political satire. Enjoy the show.


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