It is in Kathmandu that the girl can not speak and listen, but ….. !!! Sujal Bam

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Posted by Anup Baral | May 17, 2019 :
Guest: Tek Bahadur Bam, Sujal Bam Camera/Edit: Rishav Ojha Presenter: Smarika Bam Thakuri Kathmandu In the capital, Mr. and Miss SEE, released in the capital, is the Suzil bomb, a contestant who can not listen and speak ear. And the family could not afford to stop their stand for participating in the competition. Eventually, she ran away from the competition.9.8 contestants have participated in the competition organized by the Federation of Women in Kathmandu. If there are 88 all the participants, Sujal is only disabled. If he does not listen, he can not speak. Suzal, who has been staying in Kathmandu in the district district of Dasti district with the permanent house and has given SE from Central Deera M Mapaal. It is not good to listen to the listening ear, which is not easy to listen to. Working in the field of dance and modeling in the future, Kamal Sujal is planning in the disabled areas. She says, 'Many disabled people like me do not even miss opportunities and help them feel weak.' For such people I can be the source of inspiration. ' People who have special ability also get together, support and opportunities, everyone has said that Salwa could work as well. The person with special ability can not do anything and they are not self-sufficient like sponge, this story has become a daunting moment.Susan has appealed to everyone for the vote. Appealing for the vote, he said that by sending fsee space space in 33001, sending the mobile phone box to the mobile phone, add me to the capacity of different capabilities like me. The vote can be done from any company's mobile phone. The last date of voting is at 12:00 pm on 12th of the night. According to Fashion Ira, you can also be voted online. For that, download the Digipay app and can be done up to 100 votes at once and can be voted many times a day. Its finals will be held at Kathmandu on September 5 at Pradapatpatrik Kamaladhi Kathmandu.
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