India-Nepal Boarder issue

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Posted by Rajesh KC June 28, 2014 :
A group of Indian police crossed Nepali boarder and beating Nepalese.Long and unsolved Indo-Nepal border dispute.             

Nepal is a landlocked country located in between India and China. China is located on the northern border, and all three sides are surrounded by India. Nepal has very good relations with both of the countries. However, there are some issues and problems in between the close neighbors. Border issue is one of them. ndo-Nepal border demarcation is concerned, Nepal-India Joint Technical Level Boundary Committee is working for the last 21 years (since 15 November 1981). But the boundary business is not yet completed. It is necessary to effectively manage the India-Nepal Border. Nepal's Border pillars and land have been disappeared.There is an open border system between Nepal and India, whereas Nepal has its controlled border system with China.
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