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Posted by Dhruba Shrestha October 11, 2018 :
Dashain is a festival of Nepal. Durga Puja or Dashain is also celebrated in some parts of India where it is called Dashera. It is celebrated by the Hindus of Nepal and the ethnic Nepali people of Indian hill states of Sikkim, Assam and Darjeeling district and among the Lhotshampa of Bhutan and the Burmese Gurkhas of Myanmar. It is the longest and the most auspicious festival in the Bikram Sambat and Nepal Sambat annual calendar, celebrated by Hindu Nepalese people, along with their diaspora throughout the globe. It is the most anticipated festival in Nepal, Bhutan, Burma and North Indian hills. People return from all parts of the world, as well as different parts of the country, to celebrate together. All government offices, educational institutions and other offices remain closed during the festival period.
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