GIRISH – AAJA KO DINA ft Dr Young and Prawol

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Posted by Dhruba Shrestha July 31, 2017 :
Prawol Bhattrai once came to my studio at Naxal, Kathmandu with a pen drive where he had a guitar loop he had recorded on his small 2 channel audio recorder on top of the inbuilt drum presets. I immediately fell in love with the guitar frequencies. We quickly arranged his guitar loops on the drum groove and laid out a rough track without any bass and string pads. Dr. Young was hanging out in the studio that day and he started humming 'aaja ko dina...." - that inspired me to write my verses. Prawol wrote a short bridge in english and we tried recording the song to see how it sounds. From next day - we became busy in our wok and never visited the track again. However, I used my rap verses on my song 'Number 1 Girl'.
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