Friend like a father || Chetan Karki and Dixita Karki

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Posted by Anup Baral | June 11, 2019 :
As youtube sensation has been powerfully impacting on Nepal. youtube gives birth to many people as a vlogger. among many Nepali vloggers “Chetan Raj Karki” is one of them. chetan raj Karki produce music at the orange studio which is his own studio. he also owns the garden cave restaurant at Pulchwok. you can find him on his youtube channel called “chetan vlogs). he lives in Pulchwok,lalitpur,Nepal. He has two sisters they are Midin & Shruti.Chetan Raj Karki‘s wife name is AAnu Karki and has one daughter name called “Dixita Karki”. Chetan 1st wife gave him a divorce and 2nd one is AAnu. Dixita took birth from the 1st wife.. his favorite English singer is Brayan Adams. his hobbies is to traveling and playing music. he is a kinda intrested person in politics but he has not been joined any political parties yet. and he said that he never thought of politics as a profession. normal daal bhaat tarkaari with maasu is the favorite food for him. he has his own dream to build his own house and to develop his daughter as a good singer and as a good human being.Chetan raj Karki is the talented and inspiring kind of person. behind all his strenght and dedication there is the emotion that we all can connect to our life. he is very energetic and humble. he knows how to speak to different kind of situation and peoples. he loves music. recently in November 2018, he released his daughter song “timi ra ma” which is damn soo good. what I want to say to Chetan daai is. please be the father as you are. let that spirit go on an on to make your drem come true. we all love you chetan raj karki.
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