Fireside with Bhairaja Pandey 18 Jan

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The International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) and Nepal’s National Planning Commission (NPC) organised a daylong national consultation workshop to obtain inputs to the planning of ICIMOD’s future direction towards sustainable mountain development on April 20. Representatives from government, non-governmental organisations, academia, and private sector organisations participated in the workshop.

The workshop highlighted Nepal’s policy and programme priorities so that ICIMOD can align with them in the regional and national programmes being developed for the next four years (2013–2017). Inaugurating the consultation, Deependra Bahadur Kshetry,

Vice Chairman at NPC stated that Nepal is currently going through a major transformation process in its political, social, economic and environmental arenas. “Our expectations from ICIMOD’s new strategy and programme plans will be that it will not only address the issues of climate change, globalisation, and migration, but also decentralised and devolved governance, inclusive development, livelihood improvement for poor people, biodiversity conservation and sustainable development”.


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