Finishing in Bheri River Nepal

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Posted by Anup Baral | April 18th, 2015 :
The Bheri River is the best river for fishing trip in Nepal. The river Bheri has its starting point in the Dolpo region of Nepal. The Bheri River cuts a wide valley as it runs west joining the Karnali, prior to the cuts it flows through the Chure Hills, pours out onto the plain of the Terai, and flows into Royal Bardiya National Park.

Furthermore, it has some of the best fishing in Nepal, stunning and varied panorama, lots of wildlife and intact villages. And, you will see two large streams- the Thuli (large) and the Sani (small) merging at Ramnagat to form the main Bheri River. En route you will come across pleasant little villages with prehistoric traditions.
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