Entertainment Show: Harke Haldar | June 29, 2014

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Posted by Rajesh KC- June 29, 2014 :
Watch this Nepali comedy Tv serial "Harke Haldar" episode of June 01, 2014 . This episode of Harke Haldar is broadcasted on Kantipur TV. Harke Haldar is one of the famous comedy program. It is based on entertainment show in which there are many comic characters playing the role and "Harkey" is the main character of the play.He is a simple honest but he is mentally disabled son of soldier. He have double role in this show. He is also playing the role of retire soldier. Other character of this program are Aasha, Khambe, Batuli, Jhamke, etc. You can also see the different aspects of life presented through this show. And also give coverage to major events like fashion shows, parties, corporate events, interview and updated information on current fashion trends and health issues. watch video for more:-

It is a New 173 Episode of Harke Haldar. It is a non-political situational comedy with various characters, typical videos of any this show are taken in Nepali village. The base of the drama would be stories based in the village and is expected to be a great serials, which use a great scenes of gestures as act of comedy. "Harke Haldar" is based on entertainment show. In today's story Harke Haldar where the lady named Batuli and her father have got a letter written by Lahure to the mother of Batuli and due to this Batuli and her father becomes angry with Lahure and goed to his house to take an action against him.
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