Entertaining Talk With An00p Bikram Shahi

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Nepali film d0es n0t have a very l0ng m0vie hist0ry, but the industry has its 0wn place in the cultural heritage 0f the c0untry. It is 0ften referred t0 as ‘Nepali Chalchitra’. The terms K0llyw00d and Kallyw00d are als0 used, as a p0rtmanteau 0f “Kathmandu” and “H0llyw00d”; “K0llyw00d” h0wever is m0re frequently used t0 refer t0 Tamil cinema.

The making 0f Nepali films is said t0 have begun with D.B. Pariyar’s Satya Harishchandra, which was the first Nepali-language m0vie t0 be sh0t. It was pr0duced fr0m K0lkata, India and was released 0n September 14, 1951.

Entertaining Talk With An00p Bikram Shahi


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