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Dou Ai: CEO Ai Suo Kisses Private

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He was quite satisfied with what he had done, and when he said this, there was a touch of pride in his tone: "Do you know how to save your company, all the employees under you?"? How to keep the property that those two old men left you? Marry Chu Yuling! Now that he had promised Chu Yuling to help her get married, he would naturally fulfill his promise. Looking at Chu Yufeng's angry appearance, he was even more complacent. He continued to say that the guy who thought he was very powerful would be hit even harder. Don't think that no one saw through the play you played with Tong Yunzheng yesterday. Sorry, I'm not Chu Yuling, the stupid woman who was blinded by love! Chu Yufeng did not expect him to see this, perhaps, his mind is deeper than he is. Chu Yufeng, you can have today is not by the shade of the previous generation, if not, you are nothing! I'm just waiting to see how you die! Chu Kaijie dropped these words and turned away! Chu Yufeng sat stiffly in his chair, and a chill came to his heart. Www.lNwoW.com it turns out that revenge can push a person to this point. He must have hated himself even more for the ghastly look in his brother's eyes. But now, he also began to hate him! Four years ago, he broke up his relationship with Yun Zheng, and he forgave him. Four years later, he broke up their relationship again, and he forgave him. He brought the company to the brink, and he forgave him. Just, he dares to use the company to threaten him to marry Chu Yuling? Sorry, he Chu Yufeng has never compromised to anyone! No one can threaten him! Unfortunately, after a few days,warehousing storage solutions, Chu Yufeng realized that he really underestimated Chu Kaijie's ability to destroy! In just two months, he not only put the company in an extreme deficit, but even the bank seemed to be under some kind of duress and dared not borrow money from Chu. Chu's is going from bad to worse, the stock is plummeting, people inside the company are uneasy, and some employees are beginning to prepare for job-hopping, even some people at the top! The sky is getting dark, which means that the busy day will be over. On the top floor of Chu's building,warehouse storage racks, the huge office was dark, the weather in autumn was still very sultry, and there was nothing in the room except the slight whine of the air conditioner. Nope! Look carefully, there is a dark shadow on the chair behind the desk. The shadow sat motionless, looking at the bright lights outside with dull eyes. Feeling powerless, Chu Yufeng had the impulse to cry for work for the first time. But he did not cry, he is a strong man, even if the road ahead is full of obstacles, there is no place for him to stay, he will not cry. Four years ago, the company was also in trouble. He was able to come back to life because he had long been aware of the company's situation and had made preparations earlier. But this time, everything came too suddenly and violently, and the external pressure was too great. Although he was still strong, he did not know if he could survive. With Chu Kaijie's words ringing in his ears, can he have today entirely because of the shade of the previous generation? "Yu Feng.." Slight footsteps came from the door, a slender figure quickly moved closer, industrial racking systems ,mobile racking systems, the man finally squatted down in front of him: "Yu Feng..." Come on, let's go to dinner! He said, took the side of the coat just to lift his feet, but the mobile phone in the coat rang at this time. He took a look at his cell phone, pressed the answer button,Teardrop Pallet Racking, and silently said to Tong Yunzheng, "It's Chu Yuling!" 。“ Brother, let's meet. Chu Yuling was also happy and came straight to the point. jracking.com