Difficult in staying in rent in Kathmandu | 10 Baje

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Posted by Dhruba Shrestha May 18, 2018 :
The house rent per lane is not so positive. Moreover, the relationship between rich and rented homes is not very good. They are criticized by not allowing basic facilities, enhancement of freight rentals, and unnecessary conditions for rent. It is difficult to find the campus in Kathmandu, that is difficult to stay home token capsules. This is the most recent statement of the vessel. Many families have started complaining about the service facility at first and after restarting the luggage facility, they do not even provide minimum facilities. Most of the households stay in the camp see the second-rate nurse. Even if you ask for a simple suit, there is a vicious answer to leaving the manned room or not. But there is no body to hear and hear about the vessel's pain.
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