Dhamala Ko Hamala with Richa Sharma Actress

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Her fans appealed Dhamal to ask decent questions to a lady. Richa wrote, ‘Instead of standing and leaving the interview I sat there and answered the questions. In the interview the actress revealed that she was in a deep love relation with actor Vinay Shrestha at some time.

In the majority of time during the interview, Dhamal focused on asking Richa about her relation with Vinay. Richa also shared that Dhamala asked a very nonsense question with her after the interview.Currently there is a hu%ge gossip about actress Richa Shrma on social media. She came into gossip because of an interview she gave in a show. Reporter Rishi Dhamala has become a matter of hate for the fans of the actress. During the interview Dhamala asked Richa about her love, marriage and $*X life. Richa wrote on her Facebook status, ‘In my opinion Rishi Dhamal should ask his wife what kind of questions he should ask a female. If she can not help no one else can.’


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